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Bath Caddy

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1587 - Bath Caddy

The Bath Caddy is the perfect solution for toting shower essentials to and from the bathroom, both in the home and in dorm-living. The caddy is divided into five separate compartments that provide ample space for holding shower and bath items of all shapes and sizes. Two large compartments are ideal for carrying bulky shampoo, body wash and shaving cream bottles, while three smaller, central compartments accommodate a toothbrush and toothpaste, razors, and other slim necessities. A comfort grip handle allows for easy transporting, and an ergonomic kidney shape contours comfortably against the body. The overall dimensions of this item are 15 3/4" x 10" W x 9 3/8" H.


1587 - Bath Caddy


1587 - Bath Caddy

Colors Available:
Clear caddy w/Flat Gray insert; Clear caddy w/Fresh Melon insert

15 3/4" x 10" W x 9 3/8" H
40cm x 25.4cm x 23.8cm

Carton Dimensions:
15 5/8" L x 10" W x 15 7/8" H
39.7cm  x 25.4cm  x 40.3cm

Pack: 6
Weight: 7 lb / 3.2 kg
Cube: 1.4 cu ft / 0.040 cu m

Flat Gray
(073149) UPC Digit:
I2of5: 1-00-73149-58786-9

Fresh Melon
(073149) UPC Digit:
I2of5: 1-00-73149-15876-2

Ideal Uses

1587 - Bath Caddy

Ideal for toting shower essentials like shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, toothbrush, and toothpaste to and from the bathroom.

Ideal for organizing and transporting small items around the home.

Other Sizes

1587 - Bath Caddy

1588 - Divided Ultra™ Caddy

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1587 - Bath Caddy


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